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The Seventh Review: I've Got Your Number


I’ve Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella
Rating: ☆ | Written by: Pedro Magalhães
I went to the bookstore with my dad, looking for something new… I was looking for something different from the style of the books I usually read. I found one entitled “I am Number Four”. Since I don’t usually read fiction books (especially those about extraterrestrial beings), I picked it up and gave it a chance (I’ll try to make a book review of this one too). Then, I went to the chick-lit section and found this funny, delicious and vivaciously unpredictable book—I’ve got your number.
The story is about Poppy Wyatt. She’s about to marry the man of her dreams. Actually, she’s spent her whole life watching movies and reading books about marriage so that she could memorize the whole “Wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife, to life together after God’s  ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony?”. She’s definitely in love with Magnus Tavish—the groom—and can’t wait to live her “happily ever after” with him.
However, troubles on her relationship have popped up—she lost her engagement ring in a hotel fire drill. You can say, “Oh, it’s OK. It doesn’t matter… It’s just an engagement ring…” Poppy would peer at you and shout, “OF COURSE IT MATTERS!” Magnus wouldn’t mind about her losing the ring, but the bottom line is: this ring has been on his family since I don’t know when, but it’s been practically ages with the Tavishes.
The troubles won’t stop showing up just because she’s lost her engagement ring. Her mobile was gone with her ring… In fact, she was robbed when she went outside to call her friends and tell them the situation she’s in. OK, maybe you’ll say goodbye to my book review because you don’t enjoy reading about someone’s problems, but there’s another coming up: she gave her number to everyone at the hotel so they can keep her posted on the disappearance of her engagement ring.
She started to search for her ring at the waiting room, and, suddenly, she finds a mobile in a bin. Yes, she found a mobile phone in a bin. Why would someone with a reasonable mind throw up a mobile phone? Anyways, it wasn’t the time to make questions! Finders’ keepers! She needed the mobile and kept it. But… she wasn’t waiting for anyone to call her and ask for the mobile back.
Err… it happened… Poppy made a deal with this guy Sam Roxton and she would forward him his message until she finds her ring. However, Poppy Wyatt got to know more about Sam through his e-mails and messages and some doubts starts running through her mind… During this book, she will realize what’s best for her—especially when it comes to her relationship.
You might have thought that I told you the whole book but you’re totally wrong. This is just a warm-up! I SWEAR! IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THIS INCREDIBLE STORY². You know, I said that this book is totally unpredictable. If you read it, you’ll get what I mean… Everything in this book happens really fast, and I think this may confuse the reader a little. Although the rapidness leads to the humor of the book, some passages were confusing for me to read due to this characteristic. But the story is still fantastic. (That’s why I gave it four stars)
I had never read Sophie Kinsella, but now she’s gained a special place in my heart and in my shelf. For those who appreciate a hilarious story—not so romantic as some chick-lit books may be—It’s a good one! It shows a girl who’s about to become a woman during the story and all of it just began with a cell phone in a bin.

Post Scriptum: I’m sorry for having written a poor review about Sophie Kinsella. She deserves something bigger than this, but if I did so, I would tell you the whole story and you need to read it! The main point of the narrative, in my books, is to reflect about your life by getting to know another person’s life. That’s what I most liked in I’ve Got Your Number.³
¹ The book has a lot of footnotes. Magnus told Poppy that footnotes make your piece of writing more interesting and somewhat clever, and she’s totally got into them. “Aren’t they handy? You just bung them in whenever you want and instantly look clever.”
² I swear it is just the beginning of the book. There might be a lot of information on this review, but it is nothing compared to the book itself.
 ³ Footnotes are really handy and cool. I’ll start to use them more. Thanks Poppy!

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